Welcome to Gridraw world!

Gridraw is a tool for drawing UML. Gridraw’s concept is a simple structure and a modeling speedily. In order to realize it, Gridraw has implemented a realtime automatic layout. Up to now, the engineer had the role to layout the model. But please think. The engineer should concentrate on the contents of the model. In Gridraw, thanks to automatic layout, the engineer can concentrate on the contents of the model. Moreover, the result of layout is reflected on the screen in realtime.

In addition, Gridraw can perform all of the operations by only the keyboard. The ‘all’ is the word street; the selection of the figure, the connector connection and the others. You can create UML model in the feeling of programming.

Now, let’s start to model speedily and smart with the new feeling UML drawing tool Gridraw!

How to walk in the manual

Gridraw has slightly different operation feelings from the other UML drawing tools. If anything, it is similar to the operations of the spreadsheet softwares such as Excel. Order to get used to Gridraw’s operation feeling, we recommend that you start with the tutorial (class or sequence) at first.

Then, if necessary, go into each of the detailed contents. For example, you get to know the details of modes which are provided in Gridraw in the mode section. If you are a vim user, you will be able to get used to the concept of the mode without discomfort.

Please refer to each items about the details of the unique operations for Class diagram and Sequence diagram. For example, about a class editing and a connector are unique operations for Class diagram. On the other hand, about a lifeline or a message are unique operations for Sequence diagram.

If you are looking for a list of key bindings, please refer to here. In this page, shows key bindings in mode by mode.