A drawing system based on the cell system

Diagrams are editable in a similar way to spreadsheet programs. No more difficulties trying to select a particular diagram in a set of overlapping diagrams. The cursor moves on a cell by cell basis and all diagram components are allocated accordingly.

Vim-like key bindings

Operable with Vim-like key bindings. Not necessary to move your mouse to allocate, select or connect diagram components.

No more breakdown of your layout

Now possible to change the diagram halfway through without losing the shape of the entire layout. Diagram-editable with overall view in real time.

Mouse operability

Can be used comfortably with a mouse Thanks to the cell system diagrams are editable due to logical configuration of the layout similar to spreadsheet programs.

Simple structure

Gridraw applies a simple structure which draws just one type of diagram for each application.

Native application

Operable in native mode under the Windows and Linux environment. High-speed processing to provide a comfortable editing environment.

PNG image output

Diagram is printable in PNG format.

Class and Sequence diagrams support

Class and Sequence diagrams which are most used in object oriented programming (OOP) are supported. The others of UML diagrams will be supported gradually.